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ENGINEERED to compete | Built to Exceed



Clarks Cycle Systems was founded in 1943, manufacturing motorcycle and cycle cables. By the 1970’s Clarks was offering automotive products to the market, expanding in the 1990’s Clarks was part of the one of the largest automotive groups in the world, delivering well-design and innovative product to the market.

In the late 1990’s Clarks was one of the first cycle component manufacturers to identify the importance of hydraulic disc brakes. It put in a place a programme to develop and supply hydraulic brake sets into the OEM and Aftermarket. Through the early 2000’s Clarks was able to build on the success of the Exo and Skeletal models of brake, launching the M range of hydraulic disc brakes in 2012. Since then the award winning M2 and Clout 1 have been supplied around the world to OEM manufacturers and into world wide distribution channels across over 80 countries. With the popularity of hydraulic disc brakes in large driven by the expansion of the e-bike marketplace, Clarks has now seen an opportunity to launch a new range of high end hydraulic disc brakes.


The CRS (Clarks Race Series) represents a brand that offers the rider a range of brakes and brake related products that can compete at the top level. CRS product has ‘engineered' features that are intended to provide the rider with an edge that will give confidence to exceed at all levels of performance. Featuring high quality manufacturing techniques such as CNC machining, materials associated with the aerospace industry and anodised finishes CRS branded products will perform as good as they look. Supported by the technical know-how of its parent company Clarks, with  its world wide supply infrastructure, the new CRS brand is launching two all new hydraulic brake sets, the CRS C4 and the CRS C2.

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